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Desmond Morris

Youth Coordinator / U18's & U16's Head Coach

EMAIL: desmond@lawolves.com

PHONE: 203-496-9904

Desmond Morris’ skills and experience in the field of soccer or football, depending on where you are from, range from former professional athlete to coach and physical educator.  The majority of his career to date was spent coaching both in the United States and in the West Indies, where his family originates.  Morris holds a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Physical Education and Spanish from Davis & Elkins College and went on to obtain his National “A” License in coaching from the United States Soccer Federation.

Morris is one of three brothers who played for the National Vincentian Team from 1975 to 1993 in World Cup Qualifiers.  He is also the inventor of the Touchmaster System, a soccer training technique he uses in his coaching curriculum.  The technique is based on a combination of receptions, moves, touches, rotations and pivots that a player must make to create space and time in tight game situations.

Morris has led numerous teams to championships.  He has helped approximately 200  students to receive full scholarships to Division One schools and many others to receive scholarships or acceptance into other collegiate soccer programs. Morris’ coaching success stems from a notable athletic career as a national team player in the West Indies and as a professional player.  As captain of his country’s national team, Morris obtained three championships for St. Vincent & the Grenadines, made the Lanzera All-Star Team, and competed in the Caribbean/American Cup Tournament. He later played professionally with the Luso American Soccer Association Academica Football Club in Fall River, Massachusetts.

While much of his time is spent coaching on the soccer field, Morris always leaves room to give back to his local community and overseas.  As a Sports Ambassador, Morris conducts coaching clinics and Giveaways that average over 500 players in attendance and provides the children with access to US coaches who train them. He also distributes soccer gear, clothing, toys, and computers to the communities. 

Morris’ dedication to the improvement of his students is clear, as noted in the heartfelt testimony from a parent: “thank you so much for your amazing training sessions with our girls.  You teach them everything from game strategy, position, discrete skills and good sportsmanship, all while maintaining complete control and making it fun with mini-competitions. Your pep talk after CYSC try-outs was helpful, heartfelt and instructive.  You are tops in our book!”

Morris used his unique and successful coaching style, international experience, knowledge of soccer and teaching skills to create the Volley King, an athletic training tool that improves player’s volley kicking skills and goal scoring abilities.  As a multi-lingual individual with a deep appreciation for people of all races, talents and languages, Morris looks forward to bringing the Volley King soccer training system to the world.